World-class: Louis Bolter at Red Bull Roast It 2012, Gorge Road Jump Park, Queenstown PICTURE: GRAEME MURRAY

Gorge Road’s iconic jump park is getting the boot.

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club boss Adam Carlson confirms it is on the hunt for a new home once its council lease comes to an end next January.

He describes it as disappointing – but understands the pressures facing council.

“It will be a major blow to mountain bike tourism in Queenstown because a lot of people do come here solely to ride that park and it is a worldwide-known facility, so it is going to be sad days when we have to move.”

He isn’t angry at the council and understands the reasons behind the move.

“Pressure on town is coming from all directions and we understand that council has other requirements for their infrastructure … the new location will be a blank canvas, but we have to find that canvas.”

Council property boss Richard Pope stresses the club won’t be left high and dry.

“We have no intention of just closing or leaving them to move on. We are conscious of working with them to try and find an alternative one.”

He admits it may be further out of town – but says it is too early to speculate where. It is also too early to say what might happen to the land.

The Gorge Road Jump Park has more than 20 jumps and hosts numerous mountain bike calendar events.

Carlson admits relocation will be a pain.

“We will have to move the dirt and irrigation system and rebuild the jumps so we are looking for an area of similar size and aspect so we are scouring the area for public land that is available.

“There are two ways you can look at it. You can be sad and angry and frustrated about it, or get on with it and get busy with solving the problem and that is what the club is doing.

“We are solving the problem rather than wallowing in self-pity.”

Carlson hopes council will stump up cash to help fund the move.