Judge sentences sales rep who threatened to rape


A Queenstown man who told a policeman he would “rape your mother, sister and children” has been sentenced to community work and supervision.

Joshua Smith, 21, pleaded guilty to five violent and disorderly behaviour charges when he appeared in Queenstown District Court today.

The Australian-born sales assistant faced joint charges with his flatmate Charles Mathew Orr after a drunken night out in Queenstown on September 27. Twenty-seven-year-old Orr, a tattooist, has been remanded without plea till October 17.

The court heard that Smith had been released from police custody – from a separate matter – for about an hour before he started causing trouble again.

Smith went to Bardeaux where he became abusive towards staff and patrons – and repeatedly refused to leave when asked but was eventually escorted from the premises when security arrived.

Prosecuting sergeant Ian Collin says Smith’s “verbal aggression escalated to physical altercations”.

When police arrived, he resisted arrest and told one of the officers he’d rape his family.

The court heard Smith then assaulted the same officer by kicking him.

Smith’s lawyer says his client accepts he has an alcohol problem and didn’t remember assaulting the cop.

Judge Dominic Flatley called Smith’s behaviour “thuggish and bullying”.

“You have got a history of this sort of similar type of offending. You drink too much and you think you’re tough.”

Judge Flatley sentenced Smith to 160 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision, with appropriate “therapeutic intervention” counselling.