Jimmy left high n’ dry


Gutted Queenstowner Jimmy Carling is no longer living the dream after thieves took off with the outboard motor of his small watercraft last weekend. 

Carling, an arborist who uses the boat to get to and from work in Kelvin Heights, says it’s the second time in less than a month that someone has tampered with his boat. 

After mooring at his usual place on Park Street last Friday and securing the vessel, Carling discovered on Monday morning the covers had been removed and the engine was nowhere to be seen. 

Carling also noticed damage to the back where thieves had ripped the padlocked motor off. 

Carling still has the lead for the cut-out switch – something the motor can’t be started without. 

“Unless they’ve gone and bought one or somehow acquired one, they can’t actually use the engine,” he says. 

“The worst part is, it was up for sale. I was trying to upgrade to a bigger boat.” 

Uninsured Carling, who has complained to police, wants to hear from anyone who knows anything about the stolen motor. It has the serial number OT705914. 

Meantime, he’ll be taking the long way round to work.