Jim Hickey’s Joe’s Garage forecast


Veteran TV weatherman Jim Hickey – a new part owner of a Queenstown coffee institution – forecasts little change at Joe’s Garage.

Hickey’s in Queenstown to celebrate the takeover of Joe’s Garage, which he now owns a 25% share in. 

The Searle Lane café, formerly owned by Michael Hill’s daughter, is getting a slight revamp under the new owners, but Hickey assures the essential tone won’t change. 

“The essence of Joe’s will remain the same – quick fresh food and the best coffee in town.” 

Hickey also co-owns other cafés around New Zealand, including Airpresso in New Plymouth. 

With an apartment in Queenstown, Hickey regularly drops into the resort to ski, but claims his mountain skills need more practice: 

“I just let gravity do its thing and hope I have a great braking system,” he says.