Jetboat and trailer theft from Frankton


Police are hunting for this jetboat and trailer, which was chained up in Camp Lane outside Frankton Motor Camp. 

The mid-1980s white hull and blue trim alloy boat with a blue road cover and single axle homemade black trailer was nicked between 5pm December 23 and 5pm Christmas Eve. Whoever took it cut through the security chain. 

The 4.3m boat, with a 3.8 litre Holden Commodore V6 engine, also has a distinctive dent in the hull. The craft, insured for $14,000, has the registration P3117. 

“For four or five years [the owner’s] been parking it that way and he’s never had a problem but obviously someone’s taken a liking to it,” constable Sean Drader says. 

Peeing in public

Queenstown community guides got an eyeful when a 21-year-old Christchurch man asked for help and then urinated in front of them about 1.45am last Monday. 

“This guy stopped and asked the community guides directions to his hotel and then decided to urinate against Slice pizza shop in view of the community guides, who then called police,” Drader says. 

The man was cuffed for offensive behaviour but let off with a pre-charge warning.


An Irishman, 35, from Southland was allegedly set on outside Base Backpackers on Shotover Street by a 37-year-old at 9pm on Christmas Day. 

The victim was allegedly called an Irish c… then punched in the head with both his fists. When questioned by cops, the offender denied the incident, then spat on one policeman and kicked the windscreen of the patrol car. 

A Wellington blocklayer is facing three charges of assault, assaulting police and intentional damage.

Freedom camp fight

A local restaurateur was done for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence after accosting two German freedom campers and a Kiwi on Glenorchy Road near Wilson’s Bay at 2.15am on December 23. 

Things got heated when the man confronted the campers. 

“It turned into a fight and one of the Germans jumped in the car that the restaurateur turned up in and drove to get help and rang the police,” Drader says. 

“From what the other three people allege, he was over the top about it.”

Ancient shoplifter

A 73-year-old Arthurs Point man was collared for shoplifting at New World last Wednesday after pocketing a plate of meat.

The man had two plates of meat in his basket along with other purchases but shoved one in his pants pocket before going through the checkout and was nabbed by store staff.