Jazzing up District Plan snore


New technology has been developed by Queenstown Lakes District Council to make the District Plan less boring and more accessible. 

The new E-plan enables Queenstowners to go online, click on a map and find out relevant details of the plan for a specific area, such as a home, business or street. 

The trial of the software has been limited to Arrowtown areas via www.eplan.qldc.govt.nz

Council senior policy analyst Jonathan Richards says: “We are acutely aware that something like the District Plan is not only intensively complex but exceedingly dry and traditionally buried in a tome of information. 

“We’re changing this because this document is actually really important to every single resident and ratepayer.” 

The paper District Plan costs users $365 to buy, comes in three volumes plus maps, and $150 extra per update – which happens twice a year. 

Council is uploading information each month to the E-plan for other areas and is asking for feedback on the 

The next public session on the District Plan Review is this afternoon from 4-7pm in council’s chambers on Gorge Road. It’ll focus on Queenstown town centre issues.