Jason helps musos for one day


The frontman for hit Kiwi band Opshop will offer pearls of musical wisdom to Queenstown teens preparing for their concert debut next week.

Jason Kerrison (right) will run a workshop for Wakatipu High musicians as they set up for the inaugural Big Break 09 on May 29.

While the aspiring musicians run through their sound check at the Memorial Hall, Kerrison will offer
industry tips, concert organiser Liza Devine says.

He’ll also perform solo during the gig that features nine school rock, jazz and soul bands presenting original songs and covers.

Kerrison agreed to come down for the concert and workshop after being invited by the parent-led Rock Formation Trust, on which Devine sits.

Big Break’s lineup includes jazz band Best Served Chilled, rock groups The Intergalactic Disco Movement, NTE, The Shed Next Door and Mystery Diagnosis, plus rock/techno/jazz combo Your Grandma, alternative/indie girl band Talk Back Amp and school group The Soul Band.

Rock Formation Trust, run by three local parents, aims to help young talent prepare themselves for the annual national Smokefree Rockquest competition. The parents received support and money from local businesses to pay for the show and Kerrison’s visit – and the rest is down to the kids.

“The student council is selling tickets and all the entertainment is provided by the students.

“It’s really them doing all the work to put on the show – we’re just providing the nuts and bolts,” Devine adds.


Big Break giveaway

Mountain Scene has two free tickets to Big Break 09 on May 29 to give away.