Jack’s Poo-int a dumping ground


A resident of a posh Queenstown suburb was left reeling after an Asian tourist stripped off and had a poo near her home.

Judith Goulden, who lives at Jack’s Point, spotted the man on the reserve on Sunday afternoon.

“I was just looking out my window and there he was, a naked man going to the loo,” she says.

“He was there for ages - he took all his clothes off, he was stark naked.

“And he knew I’d seen him because I stood in the garden and shouted for him to go away.”

Goulden says when he’d finished, the man got back into his rental vehicle where his friend was waiting and they drove away.

He left behind his faeces and reams of toilet paper.

“I’ve travelled, been to India, and I know a lot of people go to the toilet outside, so it’s a cultural difference.

“But coming in at the bottom of somebody’s garden and leaving it there, it did make me think ‘what’s happening to Queenstown?'”

She adds: “At least I take a plastic bag out when walking my dog.”

Goulden says she’ll raise the issue with the Jack’s Point community association.

“I doubt they’ll want to put up signs, it might spoil the look. Hopefully it’s a one-off and just an amusing story.”

Council regulatory boss Lee Webster says the council doesn’t have a bylaw that covers human defecation in public.

But it does fit within the Litter Act’s ‘waste matter’ definition.

“If we received a report with enough details to identify the person involved, we could issue a fine.”

Webster says the fine depends on “volume” but would likely be $100.

“Fortunately this seems to be a very rare occurrence, as the council hasn’t had any similar reports of this kind of activity in a public place.”

Council’s running a ‘Fairy’ cleanliness campaign targeted at litter, recycling and dog poo, with waste-related slogans.

They’ve knocked up a special one following this incident.