It’s yobbo tourism


One Aussie slashes another’s face in bar fight

A 24-year-old Australian tourist was charged with wounding with intent after allegedly glassing another Aussie male in a 2am incident at The World bar last Sunday.

“There was fighting between two groups of people and he glassed another guy in the face,” constable Sean Drader of Queenstown police says. “The victim needed six stitches and we want to hear from anyone who saw this as it was a nasty one.”

Two other visitors may also be charged with assault after trouble broke out between two groups of males near ASB Bank in Camp Street at 5.10am on August 5 – one person was knocked out.

“A Kiwi living in Queenstown who was involved was arrested for breaking his bail conditions and he also gave a false name to police before running away,” Drader comments.

“It started when three men were allegedly fighting in the street with three others, two of whom were dressed in Mexican ponchos and had false moustaches.”

Another Australian man was done for assault at 12.40am the same morning. The 27-year-old had allegedly attacked a bar manager at Pog Mahones Irish pub after being removed from the premises.

Busted for break-in

A 27-year-old Englishman was charged with wilful damage and being unlawfully on property after losing the plot in the early hours of last Saturday.

“He allegedly went to his ex-partner’s house in Fryer St when she wasn’t at home, got in and threw her clothes outside and broke two computers,” Drader says.

She’s no lady

A 21-year-old woman from Invercargill was done for offensive behaviour after being caught piddling in the CBD just after midnight last Sunday.

“She had decided the Mountaineer building was a toilet and she was arrested by one of our female sergeants,” Drader observes.

Car-azy rampage

Vandals went on a spraypainting and wrecking spree in Man St last Saturday night.

Two cars were covered in green and white paint and others had side panels kicked in.

“This sort of thing happens in that area quite often,” Drader says. “A few days beforehand several vehicles had their wing mirrors snapped off.”

Ski pass doctored

A 20-year-old German visitor was charged with two counts of altering documents after he tried to change an old ski day pass and use it at The Remarkables.

The man was collared at noon on August 5.

Triple trouble
A 20-year-old man from Christchurch was slapped with three offences after taking his godfather’s rental car for a spin last Saturday.

He was charged with driving while disqualified, driving while under the influence and careless driving.

“He was here on holiday and staying at the Novotel when he allegedly took the car after his godfather had gone to bed,” Drader adds. “He crashed the vehicle somewhere and drove it back to the hotel without telling anyone.”