It’s Sue to the rescue


A courageous Queenstown woman who rescues abandoned children in third world countries has penned her moving story to inspire others. 

Sue van Schreven has just released her self-published book Rescue as a fundraiser for the worldwide charity she set up, Orphans Aid International. 

The book tells the story of her “pursuit of the ultimate dream” – to make a difference to others’ lives – throughout 25 years of charity work. 

More specifically, it details the trials and triumphs of establishing children’s homes in Romania, Russia, India and Nepal – providing otherwise forgotten kids with food, medicine, education and transport for the past seven years.

The mum-of-two began writing her story in 2009 but it wasn’t till last summer, during a three-month sabbatical, when she could actually tackle writing a book. 

“Writing my story was a good process – it’s good to reflect on where you have come,” she says. 

“I hope it will inspire people to step out and give whatever they want to do a go. It doesn’t have to be in the charitable sector.” 

Aside from publishing the book, she recently came runner-up in the international Vodafone World of Difference award, earning $20,000 for Orphans Aid. 

Now she’s concentrating on setting up a children’s home in Uganda, where there are 2.7 million orphans. 

Van Schreven has personally paid for the publishing of Rescue and has started out with 1000 copies for sale. 

Books can be bought locally from Orphans Aid’s Frankton office for $30 and online for $35, including postage. 

She’s already had good feedback: 

“The boxes of books have been flying out. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.”