It’s only a little bit of harmless shoplifting


A 21-year-old Englishman was outraged when cops caught him leaving the Night ‘n’ Day store in Camp Street with chocolate bars stuffed down his trousers and in his pockets. 

The incident happened just before 5am on August 25. 

“The alleged offender had nine bars of chocolate on him he hadn’t paid for but apparently he was very annoyed because he couldn’t understand why police were wasting their time arresting him for something as petty as shoplifting,” constable Sean Drader observes. 

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old English barman living in Queenstown was arrested for disorderly behaviour in the same store at 3.20am last Friday. 

“Apparently his mates told him there was a photo of him shoplifting at an earlier date that was pinned on the wall inside,” Drader says. 

“When he went in to sort it out he went into a rage and ripped it down after hassling the staff.”

Tiki taken

Police want to speak to these two characters in connection with an alleged theft from the Pounamu Pearl shop in Beach Street at 1pm last Sunday. 

The pair were caught on in-store CCTV around the time a $500 greenstone tiki was swiped. 

“Interestingly, the previous day two other greenstone pendants were reported stolen from a market stall in Earnslaw Park,” Drader says.

Bonsai, booze and knickers

An 18-year-old girl was arrested after allegedly breaking into a glass outhouse at the Vesta Cafe on Marine Parade and nicking two bonsai trees. 

“Cans of alcohol, a pair of girls’ underpants, a lighter and the alleged offender’s driving licence were found at the scene, so the mind boggles at what was going on in there,” Drader says. 

The teenager, from Arrowtown, was charged with theft and unlawfully being in a building. The incident happened about midnight last Thursday.

Trouble brews

The boss of Shotover Street’s Melt Bar shut at about 1.30am last Saturday following a visit from police. 

“When the local liquor licensing inspector and an officer dropped in, the manager admitted he’d lost control of the bar and based on that, closed it for the night,” Drader observes. 

Earlier the same night, a 43-year-old local man was arrested for disorderly behaviour at the Frankton Ale House when a liquor licensing sergeant and another officer were inside. 

“The guy was drunk and allegedly called the liquor licensing sergeant the c-word when he was asked to leave,” Drader adds. 

“He was taken to the cells for a wee sleep.”