It’s my job to offend


CONTROVERSIAL TV host Nigel Latta is bringing his outrageous new live show to Queenstown.

The motormouth psychologist – famed for his TV One smash The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show – says he’ll pull no punches when his Revenge of the Teens hits the Copthorne Hotel next month.

He’s expecting critics as well as fans to be out in force – but Latta insists he doesn’t mind who he upsets.

“There are plenty of PC-types around and part of me thinks it’s almost part of my job to offend these people,” he says.

“Some folk take themselves far too seriously but I think ‘Oh for f***’s sake, go and have a cup of tea and relax’.”

Despite pulling in 600,000 viewers per episode with The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, Dunedin-based Latta claims a growing band of punters can’t stand him.

“There’s a small but dedicated group of people out there who just completely hate me,” he says. “They are these little blogger types who sit in their dark bedrooms and slag off people who are actually doing something.

“When I did the TV show a lot of people got really cross and thought I was going on about the good old days.
“One bloke wrote if I thought the good old days were so great then why didn’t I just f**k off back there and get scurvy.

“Fortunately, most viewers got what I was saying about parenting, which was blindingly obvious. It’s really pretty simple stuff.”

In Queenstown, Latta will talk about dealing with difficult teens.

“A lot of parents struggle to understand what the hell is going on with their kids because they were previously nice, chatty little people,” he says.

“A large part of the show is about giving parents a framework to understand why teenagers are the way they are.
“If you treat them like little adults, you’re going to get hurt and disappointed because they’re not adults.

“A parent’s role is to provide the fundamentals and remember your job is to build a relationship with your kids, it’s not to be their mate.”

Latta adds: “Teenagers don’t need you to be their friend, they need you to be their mum and dad.

“It’s just old-fashioned common sense, which I might as well claim I invented – I’ve built a career out of it.”

Revenge of the Teens is on at the Copthorne Hotel on November 19 at 7pm


Reopen Deer Park Heights for kids

Nigel Latta is calling for Queenstown tourist attraction Deer Park Heights to be reopened in time for his upcoming resort visit.

Deer Park owner Frank Mee announced in August that he’d closed the popular Kelvin Heights animal park because he was “getting too old”.

But TV star Latta insists Mee should do a U-turn – for the sake of the country’s kids.

“My two little boys had the most fantastic time when we were last there and I tell everyone I know to take their youngsters to Deer Park Heights when they’re in Queenstown,” he says.

“I’m saddened to hear it’s been shut as it’s a don’t-miss for families.

“The kids of this nation definitely need close contact with llamas and goats and I think the owner should do the children of New Zealand a huge favour by opening it again as soon as possible.”