It’s just a marsupial


A couple of copulating possums sparked a police call-out after worried residents thought they were a burglar.
The frightened householders dialled 111 at 5am last Thursday after being woken by suspicious rustling noises on their deck. 

They believed someone was prowling around or trying to break in. 

Officers rushed to the Kent Street home but found the cause of the noise was actually mating marsupials.
Sergeant Keith Newell says: “The police went out and found two possums making babies in a nearby tree.” 

Little New Year drama 

Police say New Year’s Eve passed by relatively peacefully as they made only 24 arrests. 

Thousands crowded into Queens­town streets and bars to party into 2012 on December 31. 

And while the vast majority were well behaved, some took things too far. 

There were 12 arrests for disorderly behaviour and liquor abuse matters, and eight for detox. Three of those had been found unconscious on the streets. 

There were three drink-drive arrests. 

“It’s not too bad considering how many people were on the streets,” Newell says. 

“We did issue a lot of infringement notices for underage drinking. But all in all, it was just another day at the office.” 

The extended town centre liquor ban ended this morning. 

Ambulance volunteer abuse 

A Chilean man was arrested after giving St John ambulance volunteers a mouthful at a festival. 

The 27-year-old was detained by officers at the EarthTonz New Year’s Eve fest in Gibbston Valley, at 4.40am on New Year’s Eve. 

“The male was giving some St John volunteers a hard time,” Newell says. 

“He was arrested for disorderly behaviour and brought back to the station, where police then located three grams of cannabis in his pocket.” 

The man, on a working holiday visa, was charged with disorderly behaviour and possession of drugs. 

Driver blew triple limit 

A driver blew triple the drink-drive limit when he was stopped on New Year’s Day. 

Officers pulled over the Indian national, 36, after spotting his car weaving along Man St at 11pm on Sunday. 

The Auckland resident blew a reading of 1240 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400. 

He was charged with drink driving and will appear in court later this month. 

Disorderly behaviour 

Two Invercargill youths were arrested after an alleged mini-rampage through Queenstown. 

The 18-year-olds have been charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence, last Thursday at 8.30pm. 

“They had been ejected from a camping ground for allegedly racially abusing one of the security guards,” Newell says. 

“They then tried to get onto the gondola, where they annoyed patrons, before trying to take some beer kegs.” 

Another Invercargill 18-year-old was arrested on New Year’s Eve at 1am after walking around with his pants down in The Mall. 

A 22-year-old Welshman was arrested on Camp St after urinating in a bin. 

“He came out of Night ‘n Day, had a look around and then proceeded to urinate in the bin,” says Newell. 

“He failed to see the two police officers across the road watching him and was arrested.”