It’s enough to make you sick


The Wakatipu Health Trust releases its formal analysis of local healthcare next week – and it’s likely to be an
unpleasant diagnosis.

“Early indications show we’re sadly lacking in many areas,” trust spokesperson Maria Cole warns.

After years of complaint about Southland District Health Board shortchanging the Wakatipu on health funding and facilities,

Cole’s action group commissioned top healthcare analyst Chris Fraser to prepare a “needs assessment”.

Fraser’s report ranks Queens­town health services against those in several other regional towns – particularly comparing access to specialists, and local hospital beds.

Pressed for a preview, Cole cites Oamaru – with a smaller population than Queenstown – as having twice as many specialist clinics.

Cole says our “large number of patient transfers” to base hospitals elsewhere also “points to an inadequate level of services at Frankton’s Lakes District Hospital”.

Her trust is holding a public meeting next Thursday at 7pm in Queenstown’s Memorial Hall to launch Fraser’s report and seek public feedback.