It’s a soccer shocker for school kids


Wakatipu High’s principal is con-cerned about how common injuries to kids are from falling soccer goal posts. 

A Year 9 boy was hospitalised with a fractured skull after the unsecured, transportable posts he was swinging on fell on him last Friday. 

The youngster was released from Southland Hospital on Monday and is expected to return to school next week.
Wakatipu High principal Steve Hall says internationally, there have been many reported injuries and deaths of youngsters playing on soccer goal posts. 

At Queenstown Primary in 2008, a metal soccer goal fell on top of a seven-year-old girl, crushing her abdomen and resulting in about 10cm of her intestine needing to be removed. 

“We need to work out what we’re going to do to prevent this happening again, in terms of the equipment and the systems,” Hall says. 

“There must be answers and solutions and standards. For now we’ve secured both sets of soccer goals so that nothing can happen but we need to work out what we’re going to do to prevent this happening again.”
Wakatipu High notified the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and internal investigations are underway. 

“As we go through the process, it’ll be interesting to find out from other communities or the education and sports sectors if there are issues. It could be that there is more awareness needed,” Hall says. 

“Our first concern is for the boy and his family. We’ve been in touch every day and the goals are secured while we sort out what we’re going to do.” 

Contrary to speculation, the boy did not burst an eardrum or require surgery, Hall adds.