It’s a duck’s life for Queenstown’s Beepa


This bird-loving Queenstown couple couldn’t care less if people think they’re quackers when they take their beloved pet Beepa out for a walk. 

Or when they take her on camping weekends – or even for a drive in the countryside. 

You see, the bold Beepa is no ordinary duck. 

For starters, the eight-month-old Mallard likes nothing better than snuggling up in front of the telly with owners Glenn Maiden and Dasa Billova to watch its favourite show Survivor. 

And Beepa has a few other strange habits – the duck: 

- Commands her own private balcony, complete with paddling pool and stunning lakeside views
- Enjoys relaxing in a warm spa bath
- Hates bread and eats nothing but cornflakes and peas
- Has her own Facebook page – with 181 friends
- Chases dogs in the street for fun. 

The couple – who both work at Lasseters Wharf Casino – first met Beepa last November when they ‘fostered’ her for a few weeks from Pets ‘n’ Vets in Frankton. 

“We were told she would eventually fly away, but she didn’t want to go anywhere,” Billova says. 

“Beepa is more like a trained dog than a duck and when she was little she even used to like waddling around the supermarket with us. 

“She’s never happier than when she’s sitting in front of the television tucking into cornflakes and watching Survivor. 

“She’s free to go any time she wants but she’s now like one of the family.” 

Having a wild duck as a pet has ruffled a few feathers around town though, Maiden says. 

“I once had a call from the police because someone saw me putting Beepa in my car after her daily fly down at the lake. The guy thought I was stealing her and took down my number plate.” 

There was more drama when the pair recently shifted from Sunshine Bay to a new house in Queenstown – and Beepa disappeared. 

“We thought she’d gone for good,” Maiden says. 

“Two weeks later I was back at our old place and I couldn’t believe it when she was there waiting at the door. She was a bit bedraggled and hungry but she’s now settled in well at our new home.” 

Although they admit to being besotted with Beepa, the couple add that they’d like to hear from anyone who has a duck pond with space for another bird.