Is this bunny yours?



An ear-resistable bunny has been holed up in Auckland Airport for more than a month now — and the airport team’s determined to get it to its rightful home for Christmas.

Kelvin Jiang, who manages the airport’s lost property office, says the homesick bunny made his way to the airport on November 10, but didn’t make it out of the terminal with its owner.

The cuddly bunny was found and handed in to Jiang and his team for safe keeping.

Jiang says there are thousands of lost items handed in every year, some of hem ‘‘very special’’.

‘‘I’m sure someone will be missing their bunny — we’d like to get them back together.’’

There’s a chance the bunny’s home’s in Queenstown given there were six flights from the resort to the big smoke that day.

Jiang says wherever possible they try to get the lost and found items back to their rightful owners and, if they can’t, clothing, safe food items, sunglasses and toys go to Mangere East Family Services, which is where the bunny could go for adoption if the airport crew can’t find its original family.

● If you know of a young traveller in Auckland’s domestic terminal on November 10 who possibly had a stage 10 tantrum when they realised they’d lost their very snuggly bunny, email