Is the litter bug guy okay?


Queenstown’s mini litter bug could have pulled out from a driveway before colliding with a courier van, police say. 

Sergeant Steve Watt says it’s only an early indication of what happened between Queenstown Lakes District Council’s litter bug vehicle and a Fastway Couriers van which saw both drivers end up in hospital. 

The collision – which temporarily stopped traffic – occurred just after 3pm on Tuesday on Frankton Road.
Both drivers were taken to Frankton’s Lakes District Hospital. The driver of the litter bug vehicle suffered concussion from the nasty collision, police constable Terry Erceg said at the scene. 

The driver was discharged from hospital later that day. 

Council communications boss Meaghan Miller says not only was the council concerned for the litter bug driver – members of the public were too. 

“We received a very upset phone call at the council yesterday from a little girl to ask if the litter bug man was alright – which was very sweet. 

“We were able to let her know that, although he had a nasty accident, he was going to be fine.” 

Miller says the council has asked roading contractor Downer – which owns the litter bug vehicle – to supply a report on what happened. 

While the service has been successful in the Wakatipu basin, it’ll be up to Downer to choose if they put another litter bug vehicle on the highway, she says. 

“It’s been a real asset and obviously does a really good job of cleaning up the highways – but the decision will up to Downer.” 

Aussie’s alleged fraud
A 31-year-old Australian woman has been accused of stealing $20,000 from employers at a Queenstown travel company, police say. 

Senior constable Chris Blackford says the woman was arrested last Saturday at 10am and is being charged with fraud. 

She will appear at Queenstown District Court on Monday. 

Meanwhile, a 41-year-old Queens­town tradesman has also been charged with a separate alleged fraud, police say. 

The man was arrested on Tuesday and charged with two counts of theft while in a special relationship, Queens­town sergeant Keith Newell says. 

A total of $3500 was allegedly stolen from the employer. The accused will appear at Queenstown District Court on Monday. 

Window smashing info plea
Two windows along Shotover Street were smashed during the weekend. 

Coyote Grill’s and QBook’s front windows were both broken overnight on Saturday. 

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward. 

Car impounded
A man was arrested and charged for driving whilst disqualified at 12.05am on Monday. 

The man’s car was impounded for 28 days. He is due to appear in court on Monday. 

‘Drive to conditions’
Police are advising drivers to be aware of the winter conditions after a series of cars slipping on roads. 

Sgt Newell says they’re already seeing weather-related crashes on the roads especially around Arthurs Point and Malaghans Road. 

Newell says with bad weather on the way people need to drive to the conditions.