Intruder asleep in bunk scares young girl


Mum, who’s this guy?

A 10-year-old Queenstown girl woke up at 7.30am on November 19 and saw a pair of shoes in her room that didn’t belong to her.

When she went and asked her mother whose they were, a male sleeping in the top bunk woke up and scarpered through the window of their Man Street home – without his shoes.

The pair saw and recognised him as a 17-year-old Wakatipu High student.

Queenstown police constable Sean Drader says the youth hasn’t been charged.

“He’s apologised, he’d been out drinking with friends and didn’t know how he ended up there.

“It’s actually reasonably common. We get called to a lot of complaints where some drunk has wandered into someone’s house.

“It’s a good reason for locking your doors. The closer you live to the middle of town, the more important it is.”

Keep your eye out

Police want to hear if this man (right) is staying at your accommodation. He allegedly stole a backpack from Discovery Lodge at about 3pm on November 24.

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Bonus find 

A 24-year-old Australian man was arrested on Man St on November 19 for driving while disqualified. His car was impounded – but that wasn’t all.

“He had a whole heap of stolen property on him, a laptop, a palm pilot and a mobile broadband card,” Drader says.

The property was allegedly stolen from a vineyard in Tarras while the Aussie was looking for work.

The man, who has a history of theft, was also charged with receiving and accessing a computer without authority.

Wheels returned

Police got wind of a motorbike thief last Thursday, soon after locals saw a picture of the stolen bike in Mountain Scene.

The 23-year-old Queenstown man wasn’t hard to find as “all his neighbours were sick of him because he was always riding noisy trail bikes around,” Drader says.

Police executed a search warrant at his Queenstown Motor Park cabin at 7.30pm and found the $7000 trail bike – stolen overnight on November 11-12 – partly dismantled.

“He’d taken the plastic off it and then he’d scraped the stickers off so you couldn’t recognise the bike,” says Drader, who seized the machine.

But the cop says the clincher was cannabis and cannabis seeds found in the man’s possession: “He’d even forgotten that he had it, he was such a constant smoker.”

The man was arrested the next day and charged with cannabis possession and theft.

Driving dangers

A 23-year-old Korean man living in Queenstown received minor injuries when he fell asleep and crashed his car into a parked ute on Frankton Road at 4.45am on November 23.

Police nabbed a 17-year-old Frankton male on November 20 for allegedly stealing a warrant of fitness from a garage and using the blank label on his vehicle.

“In the old days, it was quite common for these to go missing and be sold on the black market,” Drader says.
“These days it’s all computerised so the garage can trace you back.”

A Queenstown man crashed his car at 11.53am on November 19 after reversing down Viscount Lane to Marina Drive into the front of another vehicle.

Drader says the 21-year-old, who was arrested for driving while disqualified and had an outstanding warrant for breaching community work orders, was also charged with careless driving.

Drunken knocks

A 20-year-old Queenstowner working as a bouncer at The World bar was arrested for punching a punter at 1.30am on November 24.

He was removing the 30-year-old victim – a Brit living in Queenstown – from the bar “for being silly”, says Drader.

“Allegedly the victim made a racist comment and the bouncer punched him in the side of the face.”

A 28-year-old Lake Hayes man was charged with disorderly behaviour and wilful damage at 6am on November 23.

The man was “walking down Shotover St ripping a rubbish bag, kicking cardboard boxes and generally being a loser,” Drader says.

Workers rang police when they spied him trying to rip a plastic sign from a restaurant wall.