International walker rests feet in Queenstown


After more than 10 years walking the world, French-Canadian Jean Beliveau rested up in Queenstown this weekend before resuming his mammoth trek in Bluff tomorrow.

He’ll be walking the length of the country to Cape Reinga over the next three months before finishing his mission next year with a walk across Canada.

New Zealand is the 63rd country Beliveau, 55, has trekked across.

He’s walked a staggering 68,300 kilometres on a 75,000km mission that’s taken him through five continents and across six deserts.

Starting his walk in 2000 in response to a mid-life crisis, he’s embraced the theme of UNESCO’s international decade – 2001-2010 – of peace and non-violence for children.

Beliveau says his wife, Luce, was shocked when he gave her three weeks’ notice he was walking around the world.

But she’s come to terms with his mission and joins him for a month a year wherever in the world he happens to be.

While walking the country, Beliveau says he will collect donations for family charity Barnardos NZ.