International cricket cop unmasked


A former Aussie cop was in Queenstown this week to police yesterday’s abandoned one-day cricket international. 

Employed by the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption and security unit, Howard Beer is following the Pakistan team’s six-week tour of New Zealand. 

Such officers have been prowling the world cricket circuit since the unit was formed in 2003, after the South African, Pakistan and Indian captains were banned for life after match-fixing revelations. 

The unit was in the news last year over allegations of spot fixing against three Pakistan players in a Test match in London – an ICC tribunal which heard charges against the trio will report on February 5. 

Contacted yesterday at his Queenstown hotel – where the NZ team was also staying – Beer said he couldn’t comment. 

However he confirmed he’s a former Australian cop who hasn’t had his ICC job for long. 

This was his first visit to Queenstown, which he said is “fantastic, beautiful”, but he’d not had time to see the sights: “I didn’t, mate, purely just work.” 

Asked what his job is, a cricketing source told Mountain Scene: “They just keep an eye on the secured player areas, just monitor things, really. 

“A lot of their stuff is not really effected on match day as such, it’s more what might happen outside of match days.”