Injured worker’s good news over mangled arm

Uni hopes: Daniel Figueroa

The Queenstown man whose arm was crushed in a conveyor belt will likely regain use of it.

Doctors at Dunedin Hospital told Daniel Figueroa, 19, yesterday they were not 100 per cent sure he would use his right arm again, but things were ”looking good”.

Figueroa: ”They said time will tell, but I’m feeling pretty good and relieved.”

He had undergone two operations for burns, broken bones and cuts to his arm.

”The doctors said if it keeps healing like this it should be OK.”

The Remarkable Tortilla worker says he had a nervous wait to find out if he would be able to use his arm again after the accident at the Queenstown factory last Wednesday.

He was flown to Dunedin Hospital from Lakes District Hospital after a conveyor belt he had turned off to retrieve a tortilla started moving again while his arm was inside.

The accident was ”very painful”, but the pain was now beginning to ease and he was looking to the future.

Figueroa enjoys playing guitar and tennis and was not sure yesterday if he would be able to continue either hobby. He was unsure when he would be released from hospital.

At the time of the accident he was saving to attend university to study geography next year. While his immediate future is uncertain, study remains his long-term goal.

”If I can I will,” he says.

Otago Daily Times