Indecent assault rap


An 18-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly entering a house in Arrowtown and indecently assaulting a sleeping woman. 

“It’s alleged that the intruder, a local man, let himself in to someone else’s home before getting into bed with an adult female who is known to him and touching her,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“It is also alleged he was drunk at the time.” 

The incident happened at 3.30am last Saturday and the man has been charged with burglary and indecent assault. 

Vaseline, cheese and biscuits 

An Englishman, 27, has been charged with shoplifting from a local convenience store twice in the space of two days. 

The alleged offender is thought to have first nicked a sandwich and a packet of biscuits from the Night ‘N’ Day on Shotover Street in the early hours of last Sunday. 

The following day he was chased and caught by a local taxi driver after legging it with another two packets of stolen biccies from the same store. 

“The first haul was worth just over $10 and the second lot came to $15.80 so overnight he’d clearly upgraded his tastes,” Drader says. 

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Kiwi man was collared for allegedly pinching a jar of Vaseline and some cheese from the FreshChoice supermarket last Sunday. 

“It’s certainly an unusual combination of items,” Drader comments. 

“The mind boggles.” 

Sling yer hook 

Cops called to a rowdy party at a Kelvin Heights address last Sunday night found boozy revellers outside allegedly firing off beer bottles from a large, home-made slingshot. 

“The contraption was so big it apparently took three people to operate it,” Drader says. 

“They tried to claim they were shooting off bits of fruit but as far as I’m aware, fruit doesn’t make the same sound as glass smashing when it hits something.” 

An 18-year-old man was warned for his part in the incident. 

The $200 spew 

Two males who did a runner from a taxi in Queenstown after one of them was sick in it have been forced to cough up for the cleaning costs. 

“One of the men vomited in the cab and was told by the driver it would be $200 to get the mess cleared up – so he and his mate scarpered,” Drader says. 

“They were later located by police and agreed to foot the bill. It was a costly night out.” 

The incident happened at 6.50am last Sunday.