Incompetent tourist drivers – no survivors’


Police have been busy pinging incompetent foreign drivers speeding and weaving on local roads this week. 

Among them was an Indonesian arrested for alleged dangerous driving two hours after being caught speeding. 

The man, 53, was clocked doing 130kmh through the Lindis Pass near Cromwell in a rental Toyota Highlander, with his wife and two kids. 

Later on Tuesday afternoon, the man was stopped on State Highway 6 in Kawarau Gorge after members of the public reported he was crossing the centre line and driving on the wrong side of the road. 

Senior constable Beth Fookes says: “The man had been issued a ticket for speeding. He’s now been charged with dangerous driving.” 

Six Indian tourists were forbidden from driving in New Zealand after being stopped locally on Sunday. 

The drivers, in a tour group, were stopped after police received complaints about them weaving across Gorge Road’s centre line. The tour host sorted a bus and the rental firm revoked the rental agreement. 

Bar bill on stolen card 

A thief paid a $227 Queenstown bar bill with a stolen debit card. 

The card, which went missing on March 14, was used to purchase products at World Bar on Saturday at 5.30pm. Police enquiries are ongoing. 

Four Irishmen were charged with theft after allegedly raiding a drinks fridge on a St Paddy’s Day night out. 

The men in their 20s, and living in Ashburton, had been denied entry to SkyCity Casino at 3.45am on Monday. 

Acting sergeant Tracey Haggart says: “They’ve allegedly gone down stairs and stolen a number of drinks from the sushi bar.” 

Bouncer, chef hospitalised 

A Queenstown bouncer needed hospital treatment after a patron allegedly tried to gouge his eye out. 

The World Bar doorman had asked a man to leave after midnight on Saturday. 

“He’s grabbed the bouncer around the throat, pushed him onto the ground and tried to gouge his eyes,” Haggart alleges. 

A 34-year-old Queenstown man was arrested for assault. The doorman was treated at Lakes District Hospital. 

“The extent of the injuries is unknown at this stage,” Haggart says. 

Queenstown police are also investigating an alleged assault in Arrowtown on Sunday night. 

A 36-year-old received hospital treatment for a possible broken leg, after being assaulted following an incident in New Orleans bar. 

Bar owner Peter Whitaker says: “One of our chefs was attacked on the way home, down by the Night ‘n’ Day. 

“There was an issue in the bar, they left and he was attacked later. He was in hospital last time I spoke to him.”