I’m drunk, you drive


Both boozed but Mum puts son, 15, behind wheel.

It was “real bottom-of-the-barrel behaviour”, Queenstown police constable Sean Drader says.

That’s how he describes the actions of two drunk women charged with allegedly abetting a person under 20 to drive with excess breath alcohol.

The incident began with police pulling over a vehicle in Richards Park Lane, Fernhill, just after 4pm last Thursday afternoon.

A 15-year-old boy behind the wheel – the son of one of the accused females – was found to be over the limit and has been charged with drink-driving.

The two women had been celebrating the birthday of another of their sons, who was also a passenger in the vehicle.

Both women were “quite drunk” but allegedly got the 15-year-old to drive them to a dairy for more booze.

The incident doesn’t end there – one of the women “lost the plot” back at the cop shop, Drader alleges.

“She kicked one officer in the knee, lashed out and cut another officer’s hand, and spat in the watch-house keeper’s face.”

The woman faces a further four charges as a result.

Another afternoon drinker

Alcohol in the afternoon also got the better of another female – this time a 66-year-old Australian woman here on holiday.

Police first picked her up at 2.30pm last Saturday, sitting on a busy footpath swigging from a bottle of vodka.

Cops took her to her backpackers and put her to bed – but “she got back on the turps, got kicked out of the hostel [at 7.30pm] and the police looked after her for the rest of the night”, Drader says.

Racist attack

Three Caucasian males in their 20s hurled racial insults and set upon an Indian man in Camp St opposite ASB Bank at 4.30am last Sunday.

One offender is believed to have used a knuckleduster or knuckle rings. The victim suffered a cut, bleeding nose and chipped teeth.

Police are looking for a large, black 4WD that was dirty or rough, Drader says. The driver may be part-Maori.
Brazilian bovver boys

Four Brazilian males in their 20s have been arrested after a prolonged incident triggered by one man slapping a young woman – also thought to be South American – outside The World bar about 1.30am last Sunday.

A second Brazilian came to the woman’s rescue, punching her attacker in the eye – and it was all on.

The incident continued outside a cabin at the old Queenstown Motor Park, with five men involved – four of whom now face various assault charges.

Security officer lifted

Two brothers, one a 21-year-old security officer from Queenstown, face shoplifting charges after alleg­edly stealing a can of soup, tinned meat and nasal spray from the Night ‘N’ Day store in Camp Street opposite the police station last Friday.

The pair were caught on CCTV and cops recognised them.