I’ll cut your throat


A Queenstown chef who threatened to slit his flatmate’s throat has been charged with threatening behaviour. 

Constable Sean Drader says a 23-year-old chef came home drunk last Thursday at 3.15am and had a verbal argument with his flatmate who had asked him to smoke outside. 

“The offender then threatened to slit his flatmate’s throat when he was asleep. As he shared the same room with a mattress on the floor, the flatmate was shocked and frightened.” 

Drader says the police records note: “The offender is a chef and has his trusty knives but they are currently at work.” 

Base shenanigans 

A female backpacker feeling uncomfortable when her dorm mate came back with two men from a night out had police called. Drader says the complainant notified Base Back­packers staff who alerted police about 2am last Wednesday. The two men left just before police arrived. 

“A female invited two males back and had relations with one,” he says. 

Shoplifting spree 

A Queenstown woman was busted for shoplifting to the tune of $79.95. 

Drader says the 52-year-old pinched items from Wakatipu New World in April and May. Video footage caught her out. A warrant was executed to search her home where the stolen items were located, Drader says. 

A ski instructor, 19, has been done for shoplifting after eating a $1.48 potato salad at Fresh Choice and then forgetting about it when paying for other groceries at the checkout. 

A French tourist, 22, put a $2.50 sausage roll in his pocket from the Night ‘n’ Day dairy on Camp Street at 1.03am last Saturday. 

“Police found him eating the roll, saying he didn’t pay because he didn’t have any money and was hungry.”
He had $122.80 cash in his pocket. 

Shin-kicking male 

A 29-year-old Queenstown man faces an assault rap after allegedly punching his partner’s upper body and kicking her in the shins. 

Drader says the 9.50pm incident last Thursday started when the man came home after a work function and began verbally abusing his partner. 

The kicks allegedly took place after a one-year-old child woke up and was taken by the mum into the lounge. 

Pinged for peeing 

A Frenchman, 23, was done for urinating at the corner of Rees and Shotover streets in front of police at 2.30am last Friday. 

“He subsequently failed the attitude test,” Drader says.