Ideal for my knees


Visiting Scotsman Dr Frank Shepherd is throwing his set of clubs into the protest over the planned closure of Frankton’s nine-hole golf course. 

The 84-year-old says the course has been the key to his rehabilitation since a knee replacement six months ago.
Shepherd finds Frank-ton’s flat course ideal. 

“Usually I enjoy the uniqueness of Arrowtown but because of my knee I have restarted golf at Frankton and this has worked wonders,” he says. 

“The course is in excellent condition and is a wee treasure.”
Shepherd is one of more than 3000 people opposing Queenstown Lakes District Council plans to cancel Queenstown Golf Club’s Frankton course lease when it expires in 2012.
The land is earmarked for Events Centre expansion.
Shepherd has spent the past eight summers in the Wakatipu, taking a break from the harsh winters in Scotland.
He’s a member of the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club which dates from 1780 and is the sixth oldest club in the world.
The Frankton course is important for the sport, Shepherd says. 

“It makes golf affordable and accessible. 

“A lot of people still think of it as a rich people’s game but this course means young people can afford to play here.”