Ice missile shocks swanky bar’s patrons


A drunk backpacker has shocked Queenstown bar patrons by recklessly firing a large block of ice into their midst. 

The frozen missile – thrown from the second storey balcony of Nomads backpackers down Searle Lane – obliterated an ashtray on a table in the courtyard of upmarket watering hole Barmuda (right). 

Shocked Mt Maunganui couple Janelle and Rob Soffe were having a quiet drink when it narrowly missed Rob last Friday evening. 

“It was pretty uncool,” Janelle says. 

The male backpacker responsible got the chunk of ice, about the size of a large baseball, from the leftovers of a Below Zero ice bar sculpture. 

Barmuda bar staff and Below Zero manager Blair Pattinson identified and collared the backpacker and got him to clean up the mess with a brush and shovel. 

Pattinson says: “It’s one of the worst things I’ve seen come off those balconies – and I’ve seen irons and all sorts.” 

The culprit says he did it “because I’m basically an idiot”. 

“I’ve had a little bit more than a few drinks. 

“Hopefully I won’t do anything like that again.”