Ice cool plan for Queenstown’s Mall


Central Queenstown business manager Vicki Onions is spearheading a bold plan to make The Mall and downtown way cooler.

Onions, who runs Cookie Time on Camp Street, plans having an ice sculpture – like this mocked-up impression by Mountain Scene (below) – installed at the top of The Mall from June 21 for six weeks.

The public sculpture will be recreated every fortnight during its stay, scheduled to begin the day Queenstown’s Winter Festival kicks off.

Onions – who has Destination Queenstown and Winter Festival support plus consent – is close to raising the more than $15,000 needed for what she hopes will be a business booster.

“The Mall needs a bit of TLC. While it’s a great attraction, I think it needs something else. It deserves to be great.

“It’s not just about an ice sculpture. It’s an art installation – and people will be able to watch the magic happen.”

An Auckland ice carver will be flown down at discount rates thanks to Air New Zealand.

Onions has also drummed up contributions from businesses and landlords: Real Journeys, Shotover Jet, Bernard Cleary, Avanti, Winnies, Ballarat Trading Co, Reading Cinemas, Starbucks, Untouched World, Britannia, Captains, Wilkinson’s Pharmacy, Naturally NZ Queenstown, Cookie Time, Kappa, Skyline, Peter Fleming, Guenther Raedler and NZSki.

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