I don’t hold any grudges


The Queenstown owner of a car involved in a disgraced Winter Olympian’s boozy Frankton Road shocker says no harm done. 

Kath Jones owned the Subaru Legacy that star skier Tim Cafe claims he was trying to sleep in on May 1. On the same night a boozed Cafe also got into a different parked Legacy, which his key started, and drove a short distance on Frankton Road. 

Cafe, already sentenced for drink-driving, was on Monday discharged without conviction on two dishonesty charges in relation to entering the vehicles. 

Cafe wrote letters of apology and offered compensation to both owners. 

Jones, who met Cafe, says she accepts he’s genuinely sorry. 

“There was no real harm done. We’ve all been 22 and stupid. 

“I’d have a beer with him if I saw him in town, though a cup of tea might be more appropriate,” Jones says.