Hunt on for van window smasher


Queenstown police are seeking a man who allegedly smashed windows of a local commercial van – but didn’t appear to have taken anything.

Sergeant Kate Pirovano says a member of the public witnessed a person break two windows of a white Toyota Hiace at 5.35am on Tuesday.

It was parked in Queenstown’s One Mile carpark. The alleged offender was then seen walking towards Fernhill wearing a black cap, dark blue jeans, black jacket and black hoodie.

“We’re appealing for further information as to the identity,” Pirovano says. “It doesn’t appear anything was taken from the vehicle.”

Large rocks found inside were supposedly used to smash the righthand side panel of windows and a small window on the left-hand side.

“We’re treating it like a theft ex car but it could just be a wilful damage.”

Young locals warned

Three local in their 20s were warned for offensive and disorderly behaviour at 4am on Tuesday. The men were on Camp St, Pirovano says.

“They were making reference to smoking cannabis as well.”

Mall arrest

An Invercargill man, 18, was busted in The Mall early last Sunday for allegedly punching a man in the mouth.

Crash driver charged

A 24-year driver of a Toyota Highlander which plunged 30 metres from the Kingston highway on May 1 faces two charges.

The British man, who lives in Queenstown, was charged with dangerous driving causing injury and unlawful conversion of a motor vehicle.

The driver of the Toyota Highlander allegedly lost control and failed to take a bend on the southern approach to the Wye Creek bridge, crashing through a barrier.

His passenger scrambled from a ravine to the highway and flagged a passing car. A helicopter was used to lower a St John paramedic to the car to extract the driver, who was believed to have sustained leg and possible internal injuries. His 22-year-old passenger sustained minor injuries.

He’ll appear in Queenstown District Court this coming Monday.

Wobbly driving

Traffic incidents and complaints about drivers have kept police busy.

Three complaints about visitors, ranging from slow driving to crossing centre lines were lodged on Tuesday morning, Pirovano says.

Two drivers were issued infringement notices and one was warned.

At 11.15 the same morning, a visitor in a rental – parked the wrong way in Hobart Street – hit a parked car, causing damage, when manoeuvring.

At 5.15pm on Tuesday an Indian male, 28, was arrested after allegedly driving dangerously – passing cars on double yellow lines and blind corners – in the Kawarau Gorge.

Four-car pile up

Four cars were involved at 9.15am yesterday in a nose-to-tail pile-up outside the Events Centre.

No injuries were reported but an infringement notice was issued to a local female driver, Pirovano says.

At 9.35am yesterday, the one-lane Kawarau Falls bridge was blocked for four minutes after a trailer detached from a truck heading south.

Prosecution action is likely to follow, Pirovano says,