Huge spin-off’ from education trade show


Queenstown stands to gain from hosting a large international education trade show this week.

About 500 agents and institution exhibitors from around the world have been selling and buying education at the Events Centre during a three-day fair ending today.

Due to be held in Christchurch this year, Queenstown scored the Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) Workshop after the earthquakes.

Queenstown-based Language Schools NZ owner Guy Hughes says the event is on the same scale as major trade show the Tourism Rendezvous NZ (Trenz).

“It’s a huge event that normally has about 400 agents from around the world either going to Australia or NZ,” he says.

“It’s a big deal. We schools pay thousands to attend these things in various parts of the world but to just be able to drive out to Frankton is perfect.”

Hosting locally means that international agents can see first-hand the educational options Queenstown has to offer.

“From the three language schools here, Queenstown Resort College, Wakatipu High and the two polytechnics – we’ve got this unbelievably big event dumped on our doorstep, so we’re thrilled,” Hughes adds.

“There are so many benefits to Queenstown. A lot of the agents are travel agents as well, so they’re seeing the town first-hand. The economic spin-off is huge.”