Huge downtown Queenstown parking hikes awaiting rubber stamp


A Queenstown Lakes District Council committee is expected to rubber-stamp hefty parking-fee increases for the town centre today. 

Commuters and casual parkers will both be hit hard by hikes affecting QLDC’s Gorge Road, Ballarat Street and Recreation Ground carparks. 

Free parking is to be scrapped at Gorge Rd and the Recreation Ground – commuters will have to pay $2.50 daily and casuals 50 cents an hour. 

Ballarat Street parkers will suffer the most. 

At present, commuters pay $2.50 per day and casuals are charged 50 cents an hour. 

The new charges will be a flat $1 per hour – meaning an all-day park will cost a commuter $9. 

The increases are due to take effect in September. 

In his report, QLDC infrastructure strategy boss Denis Mander also signals the council’s plan to discontinue leasing out parking spaces to CBD commuters. 

Mander says existing leases will be transferred to, for example, the privately-owned Man Street Carpark, but admits to a problem – QLDC leases its parks at $70 a month while Man Street charges $150. 

“This is being discussed with Man Street Carpark,” Mander says. 

The same committee meeting will also discuss a proposed carpooling scheme which would allow free parking at 10 dedicated spaces in each of the Ballarat St and Gorge Rd carparks. 

To qualify, vehicles must have three or more adult occupants on entering the carpark. The 20 spaces would be reserved for carpool use only until 10am each day.