How to catch a thief


Quick thinking by a Queenstown spa boss saw a thief nabbed before escaping from town last Sunday.

Hush Spa’s Jenny Hodgson says a client in her mid-20s who racked up $275 in treatments and product claimed she’d left her credit card at home.

Hodgson became suspicious when the client left in a cab.

Finding the cab company was taking her to the airport, Hodgson rang police stationed there, who intercepted the spa runner.

Hodgson says the client gave her credit card details over the phone from the airport. “She tried to pretend she’d forgotten [to come back].

“She obviously thought she could get away with it and fly out – I was so impressed how quickly the police grabbed her.”

It was the first time a customer had tried to do a runner in the spa’s five years of doing business in the resort, Hodgson says.