Hospo hopefuls in ‘speed-date’ interviews


Hundreds of hopeful crammed into Harry’s Pool Bar this afternoon trying to get a gig with Queenstown’s biggest hospitality operator. 

More than 400 potential employees vying for jobs with bar, restaurant and liquor store owner Good Group Ltd had a minute each to impress someone on the panel of interviewees seated at the back of Harry’s. 

Once time was up, more wannabe hospitality staff took their spot. 

Sara Lidguard, 19, from the United Kingdom queued from 1pm and waited over an hour for her “speed-dating” style interview. 

Lidguard thought the approach was novel – especially with a free beer for those who stuck the course and had an interview – but was dubious how effective it was. 

“When there’s this many people, how can you really tell what someone’s like?” Lidbuard says. 

“You’ve got to have the patience of a saint”. 

Fellow Englishwoman Georgia Ronchetti, 25, was more entertained by the variety of people applying. 

“One girl hasn’t washed her hair – it was all messy. Where’s the standard?” 

Another potential recruit described the scene in Harry’s as “a jungle full of monkeys”, but others were happy to buy a beer and chat while they waited.