Hold your handbags


Three women had their handbags pinched from local bars at the weekend.

A tourist drinking at Altitude Bar was the first casualty – her bag containing a passport and air tickets was taken while she was talking with people.

Early on Sunday morning an eagle-eyed thief is believed to have taken two bags from Debajo, says Queens­­­­­­town police acting senior sergeant Keith Newell.

A 33-year-old local lass was on the dance floor when her brown satchel was taken at 3am. The bag was later recovered in a rubbish bin on Athol Street minus a hooded jacket, a wallet, cards and mobile phone.

An hour later a 32-year-old Chilean tourist’s handbag also containing her passport was stolen.

It also turned up in a rubbish bin, with the visitor’s passport but missing her mobile phone and a bunch of keys.

“There are people who will target these premises and are actively looking for unattended property.”

Weed arrest

Police arrested two Arrowtown men, aged 33 and 36, on cannabis charges at 7.30am on March 19.

A search warrant was executed on their property and found five “healthy” cannabis plants in the backyard shed, Newell says.

Car prangs

A Queenstown man hit and killed a deer while driving in his car past the Ladies Mile Pet Lodge on State Highway 6 at 11.30pm on March 21.

Newell says a deer ran out of an open gateway and collided with the front left-hand side of the vehicle. The man escaped unscathed but his car was a bit worse for wear.

A 78-year-old Auckland woman fell asleep and crashed her car while driving in the Gibbston Valley at 3pm on March 17.

She hit three marker posts and a road transit sign but was uninjured.

An Armourguard van careened off Frankton Road near the Frankton Marina at 12.30am on March 18. The driver swiped the steel pedestrian rails in the middle of the road before crashing down the bank closest to the lake. He has been charged with careless use of a motor vehicle.

Building site blues

A building site off Broadview Rise in Fernhill has had its pipes cut and water mains filled with dirt and gravel, Newell says.

The mess – found at 2pm on March 19 – is the latest in a string of problems at the site and is “pointless criminal damage – it just causes hassles for everybody”. Inquiries are continuing.

Drunken mischief

Two 24-year-old Queens­town men allegedly caused a ruckus at the Night ‘n’ Day store on Camp St after employees refused to sell them a box of beer at 5.10am on March 18.

They broke bottles and verbally abused Night ‘n’ Day staff, who aren’t allowed to sell alcohol after midnight, Newell says.

Cops arrested both men for disorderly behaviour.

A local man was arrested for peeing outside the Thirsty Ram at 8.35pm on March 17. The 34-year-old was nabbed for offensive behaviour after relieving himself “in front of a whole lot of people”, says Newell.

A long wooden bench seat was nicked outside Halo cafe at 8.45pm on March 21.


Dear Lowlifes, I hope you can read this…

Having just moved to Arthurs Point after selling our house in Sunshine Bay, we were finding the change of location fantastic – until arriving home last Wednesday night to find some lowlife had broken our backdoor to enter our house and taken quite a lot of cash, a digital camera, iPod and even $14 to $16 from my daughter’s purse.

Not to mention we now can’t find my husband’s wedding ring and a watch.

I think of all the things I should have done with the cash we earned through two garage sales before moving. Now we’ve lost that and I’ll be spending our savings on a broken backdoor panel.

A new vacuum cleaner would be better than the crappy one we have now – even a rare meal out for my family.

You may think money shouldn’t be lying around but I always say if burglars want to get in, they will. A key only stops an honest thief! So everyone should remember – even those of you who like us have lived here for more than 20 years – that there are people out there in this slice of paradise who we shouldn’t trust. Keep your valuables hidden safely away.

I keep telling my kids that the baddies are lucky our cat can’t talk or else she would tell us who did it. Making my kids laugh is the only way I know how to deal with a bunch of littlies who are now scared in their new home.

Shame on you.

So until they are caught, keep an eye out for anyone you meet flashing a little extra cash or a second-hand camera or iPod for sale.

– Char Paterson, Arthurs Point

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