Ho hum, ho hum it’s backyards here we come


This hot air balloon landing might look like a close call but chief pilot Hugh McLellan insists it’s “safe as houses”. 

Sunrise Balloons dotted down next to a home in Lake Hayes Estate early Monday morning – appearing to miss the intended reserve nearby. 

Company owner McLellan says it’s the first time he’s ever landed in that exact spot but it wasn’t dangerous. 

“It was very calm, we were hardly moving. We were safe as houses … it was totally ho-hum. 

“We come down more or less vertically. Like landing a helicopter – and there’d be tons of room there to land a helicopter. There’s no drama,” he says. 

McLellan says he regularly ends his balloon flights at the nearby reserve and has approval from landowners in the area. 

“I’ve landed in other places in Lake Hayes Estate, empty sections – you name it, the paddock next door. Just whatever comes along. 

“We can land anywhere really. We’ve got permission from all the landowners round the place.”