He’s sleeping it off


Drunk driver parks up outside cop shop.

A dozy drink-driver was done after parking up for a quiet kip – right outside Queenstown police station.

The 26-year-old British man, who is here on a work permit, was charged after cops spotted him nodding off in his car at 3am on Tuesday.

“He’d earlier been drinking in a local bar and was apparently driving around looking for a spot to sleep,” sergeant Keith Newell says.

“He couldn’t have picked a worse place to stop for a rest than outside the station, where officers observed him.

“It wasn’t the cleverest of ideas and apparently he was very embarrassed when he sobered up.”

On-the-job theft

A 38-year-old Queenstown woman was nicked last Saturday for stealing from her employer.

The amount involved is believed to total about $1500.

Lucky escape

A 41-year-old visitor from Christchurch had a lucky escape when he crashed his car after a rock fell from a cliff on the Glenorchy Road and smashed through the windscreen.

The accident happened at 5pm on last Saturday, opposite Pigeon Island.

“The driver got a terrible fright when the rock hit the glass and as a result he crashed into a bank on the opposite side of the road,” Newell says.

“Somehow he wasn’t injured. He was very fortunate.”

Not-so-good citizen

A Queenstown man was arrested at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Stanley Street for assault and causing wilful damage.

The incident happened at 11am last Thursday.

“The guy went in there and got upset,” Newell says. “He allegedly smashed a small stand and assaulted one of the office staff.

“The Citizen’s Advice Bureau isn’t the sort of place you’d expect to find that kind of behaviour.”

Offensive behaviour

Cops were called to attend a domestic-related incident at a Queenstown address at 4am on last Friday – and ended up nicking local man who was out of control and worse for booze.

The 36-year-old was charged with possession of an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

“He was very intoxicated,” Newell says.

Daylight robbery

A sneak thief struck during the day at a house in Sunshine Bay.

The burglar is believed to have entered the premises sometime between 8.30am and 2.30pm on last Thursday and a sum of cash in American and Canadian dollar notes was taken from a wallet.

Jack it in

Police are looking for a sneaky thief who jacked up two Subaru Imprezas in Frankton and stole a tyre from each, sometime overnight last Sunday.

“One car was left jacked up on a rock and we’d advise owners of Imprezas to be vigilant,” Newell says.

Piddling woes

A drunken tourist from the United Kingdom was nabbed at 2.30am last Saturday for piddling in the street outside the World Bar.

The 23-year-old visitor wasn’t happy after being refused entry.

“He wasn’t allowed in because he was too drunk,” Newell says. “He took exception and was then arrested for urinating outside. We don’t tolerate that sort of thing.”