Here’s what bugs you


Extracts from your submissions to Wakatipu Health Trust survey:

-There are people in high places [with] absolutely no idea of what’s needed in Queenstown. Why can’t the proper decisions be made?

- A resounding yes to [having] maternity facilities here in Queenstown! I ended up having my baby in Invercargill, due to the limited nature of [Lakes District Hospital’s] maternity unit. My hope was to birth in Queenstown, thinking it’s a case of use-it-or-lose-it for facilities here. However, in my case I ended up having to be helicoptered to Invercargill – which I assume is not cheap – paid for by the government.

- Even Lumsden apparently has a better maternity facility than Queenstown.

– Southland District Health Board is ripping us off – I’ve travelled to Invercargill on several occasions for specialist appointments which lasted five minutes after waiting for at least half an hour over the appointment time. I calculate each trip costs over $300 [in] travel and time off work. Surely specialists should come to us if there’s the demand.

-The Wakatipu should not only be funded [for] its resident population but also the high number of tourists … as we’re a jewel in the tourism crown, New Zealand should be providing a better range of hospital services.

- We cannot expect to have everything … but we can expect better than we have.

-The lack of appropriate hospital facilities significantly hinders development of Queenstown as a prime community to live in.

- This is urgent – being in a major tourist area, LDH is actually servicing up to five times the Wakatipu’s resident population.

- There’s no argument, socially or politically, [to] justify our lack of hospital facilities. It’s high time the DHB of Invercargill starts listening and meeting the needs of our district.

- There’s obviously a high level of self-interest by SDHB in maintaining high levels of service in Invercargill while seeking to run down essential services in Queenstown. The pro rata hospital budget figures tell it all!