Memorable hen's party: Hen Justine McCall, in a white dress, converses with emergency services personnel at the crash scene last Saturday


The stripper had already been and gone when another male visited a hen’s party in Queenstown last Saturday night — by accident.

The male ‘gatecrashed’ the party by driving into the ground floor of a Lomond Crescent property.

Luckily, ‘hen’ Justine McCall was partying upstairs with about 20 of her girlfriends, and the half dozen-or-so downstairs residents had joined them.

‘‘I think the driver went to turn left and he obviously missed the left and just kept going,’’ she says.

‘‘We just heard a massive ‘bang’ and I went, ‘oh God, someone’s come up the driveway and crashed into the cars’, and then someone was like, ‘there’s a car in the house’.

Point of impact: A car came to rest in the Lomond Cres house

‘‘We were just having the last of our drinks — we were ready to go to town for our 8.30pm booking at 1876.’’

Bannockburn-based McCall had booked the Airbnb and had been due to stay with about five of her friends.

She says when cops and fireys arrived, they were given 10 minutes to get their stuff out.

‘‘It was a bit shocking at the time but it was quite fun, too — I was like grabbing some of the girls off the poor police officers, saying ‘they’re not strippers, you’ve got to go out the back’.’’

Fortunately, she and her friends were allowed to stay in her builder boss Fraser Mackenzie’s Hanley’s Farm showhome.

‘‘There were a couple of sober people, so they drove us out.

‘‘When we dropped everything off, I couldn’t even be bothered partying, but everyone was like, ‘your whole hen’s party’s in town waiting for you’.

‘‘It was good after that — I partied till 4 in the morning.’’