Hello? Yes, 2G works out here too


Telecom is hyping its new XT cellphone network extending to remote parts of the Wakatipu – but phones on the old network work just as well. 

Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds fronts a swish new TV ad campaign demonstrating XT coverage while fly fishing on the Greenstone River near Glenorchy. 

Reynolds, urging people to give it a shot, makes fun of his network’s problem-plagued beginnings by pretending not to get reception when his phone rings. 

He then turns to the camera smiling and says: “Only kidding.” 

Mountain Scene headed to the spot with Queenstown fly fisherman Brent Ward (right) to test it. 

Ward can verify punters using phones on the XT network get crystal clear reception but he also got a decent signal using the old telecom network and has no plans to switch. 

“There’s no point changing to another network,” Ward says. 

Telecom has pumped millions into its problem-plagued XT network, which kicked off last December with dicey reception and multiple outages.