This huge 1.5-metre-long hand, sculpted from Piemontite stone, arrives at Milford Galleries Queenstown this Friday for an online exhibition entitled ‘Flora’.

It’s the work of Luggate sculptor Josh Olley, who sourced the metamorphosed schist from the Mount Aspiring region.

“It’s an extremely hard, strong rock which is why I like sculpting it,” he says.

The 850kg hand holds a delicate bronze daisy sculpted from wax by his wife, Amelia, to convey a sense of balance.

Entitled ‘Pacific’, using the lesser-known adjective rather than the well-used noun, Olley says it’s a “strong masculine hand in a position of a gentle gesture”.

“In New Zealand, the macho has been promoted as being ‘real man’, but is it?

“This, to me, is not our potential reached – we need more role models that are not he-men.”