Heartless thieves swipe tiny tot Tane’s bike and helmet


A heartbroken Queenstown toddler won’t be riding the streets this winter – his bike has been nicked. 

Two-year-old Tane Jones’ cycle and helmet were swiped from outside his Quail Rise house earlier this month while he was having a nap. 

A Christmas present from his parents and granddad, the two-wheel, red and silver framed bike with black handlebars was his “pride and joy”, mum Gillian says. 

“It was a real struggle for us to afford it last year.” 

The bike is insured, but the excess payment is almost more than it’s worth. 

“We’re just going to have to find the money from somewhere to buy another one,” Gillian says. 

Dad Nathan has penned a public letter to the thieves on Tane’s behalf in the hope it’ll be returned – or at the very least make people think twice about pinching things belonging to kids. 

Gillian wonders how someone could be so heartless. 

“I know that times are hard for everybody … but everyone’s in the same boat. You don’t go round and nick other people’s toys.”