He was the love of my life’


The wife of a Queenstown restaurateur who died in Bali last weekend says they’d been having a wonderful break. 

Dawn Sneddon was on a mo-ped with husband Grant last Sunday when for no apparent reason they crashed. 

“He either had a heart attack but it could have been a pulmonary embolism and we’re not sure if it happened because of the accident,” Dawn says. 

“After the accident he sat up and was fine – then he just collapsed and that was it pretty much.” 

Dawn, battered and bruised but otherwise fine, says the wait for emergency services was the worst experience imaginable – it took an hour to get to hospital. 

“No one came to help. I had to force a taxi to stop. Then we managed get a doctor before we could get to an ambulance. I really believe if we’d been in New Zealand they might have saved him. It was shocking.” 

The pair, who co-owned downtown Queenstown restaurant Flame, had been married 11 years and Dawn says they had an amazing relationship, living and working together. 

“He was the love of my life – we were together 24 hours a day, never apart.” 

They had planned to celebrate Flame’s fourth birthday next month along with business partner Colin Russell – who has gone to Indonesia to retrieve Grant’s body. 

Dawn says Flame’s 26 staff are devastated – “they worship the ground he walked on”. 

Grant, from South Africa but in Queenstown about 12 years, was executive chef at Flame. Dawn is the manager. 

Grant’s Queenstown-based sister Judi Sneddon says her good-hearted brother was very determined and put everything into Flame. 

“He was too young, way too young. 

“Grant was very kind, a great dad and really good husband. He loved what he did, he was very passionate.” 

The funeral is likely to be on Tuesday at City Impact Church – but that is to be confirmed. 

Grant is survived by his son Joshua, 23, and step-son Daniel, 21.