Have you seen this man?


Bottle attack arrest

A local plasterer, 31, has been arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a bottle at a party in Arrowtown. 

“It’s thought an argument had earlier broken out between the two men at a local bar after one called the other a derogatory name,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“It’s alleged the offender later smashed a bottle over the 40-year-old victim’s head when they moved on to a party in a house.” 

The incident happened at 10pm last Friday and the man arrested has been charged with assault with a blunt instrument. 

Troublesome trio 

Three Auckland men were collared in Queenstown last Saturday following an alleged fraud at a hotel in Wanaka the night before. 

“First of all they booked a room for two in Wanaka which all three stayed in,” Drader says. 

“As they left it’s alleged they stole a number of items including a picture and some linen. 

“When they were later arrested in Queenstown, they all blamed each other for what is said to have gone on.” 

The three men – all in their late-20s and of Middle Eastern extraction – were charged with theft and obtaining accommodation by fraud. 

Elsewhere, last Wednesday a 19-year-old male tourist was trespassed from Coronet Peak ski area. 

The man was caught trying to use a ski pass that belonged to a female friend. 

Wee problem 

A boozed man, 26, was arrested for offensive behaviour after being caught urinating outside Pub on the Wharf at 1.50am last Sunday. 

“He obviously wasn’t the brightest as he did it in full view of a passing patrol car,” Drader says. “He was also right outside a popular bar that comes complete with an inside toilet so there’s really no excuse.” 

Madcap drinker 

An Aussie man was warned about his behaviour after he headbutted a minibar at his accommodation in Man Street at 2am last Sunday. 

“That’s not normal,” Drader observes. 

In more high jinx, the following night cops were called to the Deviation carpark in Gorge Road after someone entered a vehicle and let off a fire extinguisher inside. 

“What a laugh, eh?” Drader says.