Hall funding pressure rises


The trust behind Queens­town’s $3 million hall upgrade faces a pressure-cooker final month of fundraising. 

The Memorial Hall project began in November and the trust needs a further $825,000.

A grant seeking $800,000 is with the Lotteries Com­mission but won’t be known about until July 2. 

Queenstown councillor and Memorial Hall Trust chair Cath Gilmour says they have a strong application but Lotteries has told her there’s not enough money for all projects. 

“While we believe we’ll get strong Lotteries support, we’re very unlikely to get the full $800,000,” Gilmour says. 

If successful, the trust will only need to raise $25,000 to complete the upgrade which includes increased seating, a lobby extension, an external foyer and strengthening. 

“Trustees believe the responsible approach is to up the ante – we’re now aiming for another $225,000 in com-
munity and grant fundraising in the next month.” 

The trust has a sponsorship document offering investment levels of $500-plus. Sponsors get their name etched in stainless steel on a feature wall in the hall foyer. 

“The project is too important – to us and as an economy – to have come this far and have it not go ahead,” Glimour says.

If the funds are raised, it should start late July. 

“My fellow trustees and I believe between razor-sharp pencils on the tenders and continued generous support, we’ll cross the line.” 

Gilmour adds some upgrade aspects could be delayed – at a cost – to allow more time.