Guns & drugs arrest


Five hidden firearms plus P tablets in bust.

Police nabbed a 34-year-old Queenstown man on December 18 for having a firearm and the makings of the drug P.

Constable Sean Drader says cops executed a search warrant at the man’s temporary residence – his ex-partner’s place in Fernhill – at 8am.

“He had five [unlicensed] firearms with him which he’d wrapped in polythene and hidden in the garden,” Drader says.

Police also found 438 pseudoephedrine tablets – the base ingredient for making methamphetamine – in his room, “more than enough that you’d need if you’ve got a cold”.

He’s been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and
possession of precursors.

Point-ed argument

A 41-year-old man was arrested on December 18 for allegedly pointing a speargun at his 39-year-old wife’s head a week earlier.

Police picked up the man at his Queenstown address – after a third party reported the incident – and charged him with assault with a weapon.

“[The gun] was one of those used for fishing. You wouldn’t want to get shot with one,” Drader says.

Rowdy Brazilians

A 26-year-old Brazilian man was picked up for arguing with his partner in a public place on December 19 at 2.10am.

Drader says the pair had been to a gig at Revolver and afterwards the “very drunk” 28-year-old woman allegedly got “upset because [her partner] wasn’t paying her attention”.

They returned to their Hamilton Road address, where an argument ensued.

“She refused to get out of the van and punched him. He was trying to restrain and remove her, she kicked the windows out.”

Drader says neighbours got help after hearing screaming, yelling and glass breaking.

Police found the pair with “cuts and blood” on them and also charged the man with possessing utensils for cannabis and possession of cannabis.

Erratic trip

Police intercepted a mentally unstable Invercargill woman at Staircase Creek on December 17 after she allegedly threatened to gas herself and her children.

The 39-year-old, who was driving to Queenstown with her 12- and 14-year-olds, was spotted at 5.15pm “attempting two dangerous overtaking manoeuvres”, Drader says.

Nobody was injured but police took the kids into safety and detained the woman, transferring her to Invercargill to be dealt with by mental health.

In the event the woman’s fit to plead, police are considering charges of failing to stop and dangerous driving.

Attention, please

A newly arrived Indonesian man got the munchies – then forgot to pay for his feed – at 6.30pm on December 21.
Police warned the 20-year-old after he ate half a bag of rice crackers in Fresh Choice and didn’t pay for them when he left the store.

His reason was “he forgot as he had been on a long flight from Indonesia”, Drader says.

A Brazilian man living in Queenstown hit a parked car on Hallenstein Street on December 21 at 1.30am.

“He said his cellphone fell from the console, he took his eyes off the road to see where it was,” says Drader.

Not nice

Police arrested a 30-year-old Queenstowner for alleged bad behaviour on December 22 at 3am.

The man – tossed out from Mini Bar for being abusive and threatening to staff – went to Lakes District Hospital after falling over and receiving a cut above the eye.

He then became abusive and threatening to hospital staff, who called police, Drader says.

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