Group formed to oppose Queenstown Bay float plane operation


A group has been formed to oppose a float plane operation proposed for Queenstown Bay.

The proposal, by Blenheim couple Brent and Shona Collins, is for up to 22 flights per day.

“This type of activity will seriously disrupt the peaceful Queenstown experience of residents and visitors alike,” spokesperson Laurel Parent says.

Parent is gathering a petition to present to Queenstown Lakes District Council and is encouraging people to submit against the resource consent proposal by the September 29 deadline.

“This operation will add to the already congested Queenstown Bay water-borne activities, increase noise and visual degradation and comprise the safety of kayakers, private boat owners and commercial operators,” Parent says.

“In addition, pedestrians, outdoor diners, beach-goers and other waterfront users will be subjected to low-flying aircraft from 8.30am to 8pm every day.

“It makes for sobering reading when you actually see the flight paths, see where they want to put a 48.5 square metre wharf-like pontoon extending from the Gardens and the lack of details for such issues as refuelling and safety.”

Parent encourages others interested in joining her battle to contact her at

“If we all work together we will successfully oppose this disruptive submission,” she says.