Green-fingered youngsters raise pumpkin patch giants


A mix of fish heads and rabbit poo is perfect for producing giant pumpkins, according to these green-fingered Queenstown kids. 

Pictured (from left) are Jack Yeo, 8, Jemima Meegan, 11, and Zakariah Moore, 10 – they’ve been helping their parents grow the inedible plants in a three-month fun competition run by Happiness House. 

Jack’s dad Andrew Yeo went as far as playing music and singing to his pumpkin, named Peter, in a bid to encourage growth – but his tactics proved fruitless. 

He gave up when spotting Happiness House coordinator Christine Visser’s winning giant pumpkin (pictured beneath Jemima) – which was fed on fish heads and rabbit droppings, Happiness House boss Nicki Smith says. 

“Chrissy didn’t even spend a lot of time nurturing it,” Smith adds. 

The competition, which began as a joke, was limited to local support agencies and friends. It may become a community-wide competition next summer.