Graffiti grumble


Lake Hayes Estate parents may have had to cover their kids’ eyes this week, after someone spraypainted offensive words over several road signs.

The words, including the F-bomb and ‘sieg’, a term associated with Nazism and white supremacy, appeared in bright pink paint on signs around the suburb on Monday morning.

The vandalism drew the ire of residents, who took to social media to slam those responsible.

Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country Community Association chairman Clark Pirie says the damage is “totally unacceptable in our community”.

“I’m sure our local CIB team are working hard to find the misplaced youth who clearly have got very few clues about how to spend their spare time during the summer months,” he says.

A police media spokesperson says police received “multiple reports” about the damage. “The council have been notified and we will be looking into it.”

Contractors cleaned up the graffiti on Tuesday.